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Let Us Handle Cleaning The Toughest Rooms

Your bathroom is one of such rooms in your house that you cannot afford to leave dirty and unclean. Keeping the restroom clean is relevant to ensure the germs and bacteria are kept under control. These germs carry various diseases which can be harmful to your healthy lifestyle. Thus, the toilets need to be kept clean and tidy since it is the place where bacteria and germs quickly multiply and spread to other parts of our homes.

There's a lot to clean in the bathroom, from slimy, rust-colored bacterial growth to mildew, soap scum, grungy glass doors, and dirty grout. However, this is what our efficient house cleaning experts find simple to do. Bathrooms, like many places around the house, are far easier to keep in top shape when regularly cleaned. Weekly and even daily practices keep the deep cleaning stints from taking all day.

Whatever your bathroom-cleaning situation at home, it doesn’t have to be the cringe-worthy task we often make it out to be. Having us at your beck and call will transform your bathroom to spotless & sanitized in no time.

Our cleaning agents approach cleaning your bathroom with military-precision cleaning processes. At MyECOS we pay attention to the small details and to take pride in establishing a clean, healthy environment that will set us up for success. The same principles apply to us while taking care of your bathroom and any other rooms in your house.

To achieve our trademark results, we equip our cleaners with our industry's most effective eco- cleaning products. These are products that are guaranteed to get rid of any forms of dirt and germs that leave no residual adverse effects in your bathroom after usage.

What Is Included In Our Bathroom Cleaning Service?

Our bathroom cleaning services include scrubbing and rinsing sinks and showers, mopping bathroom floors, sanitizing counters and sinks, scrubbing toilets, wiping down mirrors, removing built-up soap scum, disinfecting toilets inside and out, cleaning lights and fixtures.

Let Us Handle Your Cleaning Needs

Our experts recommend deep cleaning your bathroom every week to avoid built-up dirt and odor. We know that doing a thorough cleaning can take a lot of time, so we give our cleaners the most powerful cleaning products on the market so that they can meet our standard of perfect cleanliness. Book an appointment with us today, and let’s make sure you start each day with a fresh-smelling bathroom.

Deliver A Sparkling Clean Each & Every Time

It doesn't matter how clean your bathroom appears; bacteria are lurking in difficult-to-clean spots all the time. To keep your home's bathrooms clean and healthy, you need the help of professionals with a lot of experience and training. This is where our military-grade cleaning experience comes in. We deep clean to prevent germs and bacteria from building up in hidden corners you may not reach while doing your routine cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaning Prices

We understand that every home and family has different cleaning needs. That’s why we customize each room's cleaning to suit the customers' needs. Curious about the cost? It’s easy to get a free quote. Just complete the free estimate form and expect a call from one of our team members with your bathroom cleaning estimate.

Book A Cleaning Session With Us Today

Ready to book a cleaning session? All you need to do is fill out the free estimate form, and one of our team members will contact you to go over your cleaning estimate. You can also head over to our FAQs section if you have further questions or concerns about upcoming cleaning or possible booking.


The following reasons will encourage you to rely on our cleaners for your next housekeeping task:

Quality Work

Our vision and mission force us to deliver quality services to our potential customers. Using the most rigorous and effective standards of inspection, our cleaners provide our customers with the best commercial and residential cleaning solutions.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike other cleaning companies, we offer transparent prices without demanding additional charges or hidden fees.

Advanced & Modern Tools

Our cleaners use advanced tools and equipment to complete a cleaning project efficiently and swiftly. We prefer to use advanced cleaning techniques to promote exceptional standards of sanitization and disinfection.


MyECOS doesn't come with only pre-build cleaning solutions but also provides highly customized ideas and services for cleaning projects. Customization is vital in what we deliver; we aim to design a project that reflects your cleaning needs, pain points, and expectations.

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