Making a Positive Impact: MyEcoservice's Commitment to Quality and Community in Orange County

About Us

Cleaning Is Our Way Of Giving Back To The Society

In our quest to touch as many homes and lives as we can, we decided to expand this service to families throughout Orange County. To positively impact community involvement, we are committed to networking with other local organizations and business communities.

At MyECOS, giving back is a part of our core values. We actively contribute by:

  • Supporting a greener brighter future
  • Supporting the elderly and less-privileged
  • Supporting marginalized communities
  • Sponsoring minority events and local non-profit organizations
  • Partnering with local financial institutions to give out micro-loans to individuals in need

City Beautification Projects - Making Our City A Paradise For Us To Live In

MyECOS is actively engaged in the decorative and historic development throughout Orange County. Through planting trees, shrubbery, and other greenery, we contribute to visual improvements in our town and city. We work with local citizen groups and nonprofit organizations to participate in a community-wide clean-up party to ensure our city is clean and healthy for us to live in. Through constant recycling and consistent rotational clean up, we have improved the standard of living of Orange County. You can join us today to make our city a paradise for us to live in.

Building And Maintaining Stronger Communities

With increasing environmental awareness among the public, people worldwide are coming together to fight for a greener future, and the effort has achieved great results. MyECOS is always working to improve and take care of the environment around us by giving its customers the best cleaning services possible. A clean & healthy community is a peaceful one. MyECOS and other local organizations have joined forces to support and sustain our community by sponsoring local events and causes to maintain a healthier and happier society.

We are more than just a cleaning company, we believe in bringing people together, inspiring change, and making a difference in the lives of others by taking care of the environment inside & outside of home. Join our crusade of building & maintaining stronger communities for generations to come.


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