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Our Mission

Founded in 2020, MyECOS’s mission is to assist every one of our clients in achieving prosperity, growth, harmony, health, and happiness with an efficiently clean & organized home. MyECOS has successfully evolved in the modernized cleaning industry to satisfy and meet the cleaning demands of our customers at all times.

We envision giving our clients, professionals between the ages of 25-55, their time back and an edge in their success by having an organized, clean and respectable home when they host members of their circle of association.

What Sets Us Apart

A good and sanitized environment is one of the primary factors that promote individuals' health. As a cleaning company that offers services to modernize our clients' homes with the latest cleaning techniques, all-natural organic cleaning materials, and technology available in the marketplace, our services range from housekeeping, laundry, organizing, sanitizing, and purifying the air in the home.

MyECOS’s work descriptions are customized home goals, full attention to detail, top & bottom sanitizing, tidying techniques, military-grade cleaning, complete air purification, and more. We focus on client satisfaction at all times and provide services that are worth every dime invested. Our main objective is to empower clients by setting up an efficient environment that brings confidence and prosperity back into the home. With the latest cleaning tools, resources and military cleaning methods, it’ll leave your home Simply Excellent.

The Team You Can Trust

“Cutting corners is not an option in achieving mission success and will have serious consequences. The Marine Corps teaches us to pay attention to the small details and to take pride in establishing a clean, healthy environment that will set us up for success. The same principles are applicable to a home.” Albert Gaytan MyECOS Co-Founder & Sergeant in the Marine Corps.”

We utilize the latest cleaning techniques passed down from the United States Marine Corps, which means “No mess left behind”. Our highly-trained cleaning experts are dedicated to safety, quality, and efficiency. We stay up-to-date with the latest cleaning advancements and follow all CDC guidelines to ensure our work is consistently effective and eco-friendly.

Your Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority

Our house cleaning services cover every inch of your space. We can freshen up your bathroom, invigorate your kitchen, and restore your bedroom to ensure you have the beautiful and clean home you deserve. We'll get deep into the corners and crevices to rid your space of any dust, germs, and bacteria, delivering a home that is both spotless and healthy.

To achieve our goal of making every home a healthy and happy one, we see the need to expand.

Our close-knit team is made up of happy and accomplished people who go each day with the mission to make the world healthier and happier, and there is no greater course than this.

We are locally owned with a great reputation and customer base, and still looking for special people like you to join our team.

You can join us today and expand with us as we take our cleaning services to every nook and cranny of the United States.

No training or prior experience is required. We will handle and train you on every skill you need to be successful here at MyECOS,

We offer you:

  • Weekly pay*
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Paid Vacations
  • Paid training
  • Use of company car or paid mileage for personal vehicle*
  • Full-time and part-time positions
  • Employee discounts
  • Competitve wages
  • Bonus
  • Gratuities

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The fast-pace and hectic nature of life makes it hard to find the time to thoroughly clean your home.

Originally MyECOS started by providing free service to elderly people in need. In our quest to touch as many homes and lives as we can, we decided to expand this service to families throughout Orange County. In terms of contributing back to the community, MyECOS stands out. We are committed to positive community involvement by contributing to and networking with other local organizations and business communities.

Like Our CEO would say, “You need to give back to the society that made you if you want to balance the law of the universe”, we believe a company is not successful yet if it has no impact on the lives of people around it, Giving back is one of our core values, and MyECOS actively contributes by:

  • Supporting the elderly and less-privileged
  • Sponsoring financially handicapped students in their pursuit of academic success
  • Donating free services to orphanages and nursing homes
  • Sponsoring other NGO in touching lives in the society
  • Supporting our youth by sponsoring local sports teams
  • Sponsoring minority events and local non-profit organizations
  • Partnering with local financial institutions to give out micro-loans to individuals in need

Our comprehensive cleaning services let you relax, unwind, and spend time doing the things you love.

Take Back Your Time

My ECOS is actively engaged in the decorative and historic development throughout Orange County. Through planting trees, shrubbery, and other greenery, we contribute to visual improvements in our town and city. We work with local citizen groups and nonprofit organizations to participate in a community-wide clean-up party to ensure our city is neat and healthy for us to live in. Through constant recycling and regular clean up, we have improved the standard of living of Orange County by over 20% but we are not done yet. You can also join us today, and let’s make our city a paradise for us to live in.

A happy community is a peaceful one. MyECOS and other local organizations have joined forces to support and sustain our community by sponsoring local events and causes to maintain a healthier and happier society.

We are a house cleaning service, but we are also something more. We believe in bringing people together, inspiring change, and making a difference in the lives of others. Join us, today, and let’s make our city a healthy and happier place to live in

The fast-pace and hectic nature of life makes it hard to find the time to thoroughly clean your home.


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At MyECOS we focus on the quality of the clean. Every home is different, so we take on special requests for those hard to reach places.

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